Monday, September 12, 2011

Truth or denial? That's THE question...That's what we call "life"...

Hi there!
Just a quick random post today;) I feel like a piece of sh*t...hope it won't last forever...
 Road home
 quite good magazine:)
 new earrings
great body butter from dm.)
 studying now.. :/

Thank you for all those lovely comments:))*
Hope you have a great time, guys;)


  1. super takhle jsou , taky bych se měla učit !

  2. to bych potřebovala, jíst zeleninový salát. ale jsem prase. XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  3. Děkuju moc!:)
    Petul: dí jo, ale donutit se:/
    nat: neboj, zajedla jsem to sušenkama :D:D a toustem :D ;)

  4. Uuuu, I like Your blog! Great pictures! Greetings form Poland ;-)


Thanks for every single comment! I really appreciate you're ideas and opinions :))